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King of Web Standards

Posted by RoniNoone on August 28, 2007

See, I’m not the only one bowing down the great Zeldman! For WEBT 143 folks this article should sum up my first lecture!

 Check out the article and slide show.  Both are fabulous!


3 Responses to “King of Web Standards”

  1. bedutton said

    Nice article. It seems to touch on a lot of what he talks about in the first couple chapters of designing with web standards too.

  2. tment894 said

    Excellent article to read. It really gives a good general understanding of what web standards is all about and why they are so important to use.

  3. nfilippou said

    This article brings into perspective the daily cost of doing business the “old way”. Businesses are wasting literally millions and millions of dollars by not having and using web standards. Time for a change…very good article!!!

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