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Useful Web Standards Articles

Posted by tment894 on September 2, 2007

I found these useful and interesting articles on the Internet. They gave me a better understanding of the meaning of the term “web standards”. I thought you all might find them useful, too, since they cover some information about web standards that we learned from last class.



6 Responses to “Useful Web Standards Articles”

  1. nfilippou said

    Excellent articles, Tom. Thanks for the added information!!! Nick

  2. kcoll26 said

    I checked out the articles you have listed here. I think that Web Standards help give web designers an easier time designing pages because they will know that they have a better chance that their pages and sites will look just the way they want them to in all browsers because of web standards. The articles you’ve listed explain web standards just like we learned in class. Thansk!

  3. wyattx21 said

    I really enjoyed the first two links. Sadly the third link wouldn’t appear for me. Nice find with both of those! Very informative. – Wyatt

  4. scott143 said

    good reads…..the third link has been taken down i get a “page not found” message

  5. johannahg said

    I bookmarked both of the websites. Must have just missed out on the third link. Thanks for the info!

  6. jpalughi said


    i thought this was a useful article as takes FAQ’s and answers them with reasons why some things should or should not be used.

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