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more than simple.

Posted by standadeezy on September 3, 2007

after browsing the internet for neat sites the past hour or so, i have only seen a few. all of which were rather pathetic and simple. then i found this article on creating web sites. although the article involves examples for building business web site, the basic princaples of expanding your creativity for a better site remains relative. have a look at DOES YOUR WEBSITE HAVE PURPOSE? tell me your thoughts on what is important when it comes to building a web site.

– keith : P

3 Responses to “more than simple.”

  1. tment894 said

    Several important components that all websites must have: great navigation, consistency among all pages, a nice layout, interesting content and many hyperlinks. There are many more important components necessary, but these are just a few. Without these components to a website, it will most likely be unsuccessful, and people will look elsewhere to find the information they are seeking.

    Great article!


  2. nfilippou said

    This article stresses that all web sites should have a purpose. Businesses that have an online presence should have as a purpose how to attract traffice to their site, how to keep the customer there and how to get the customer to come back again. Several recommendations are given such as an online newsletter, free reports, or giving away products or consultations and other methods of giving value. The article recommends that the website’s navigation, color, overall design, copy and organization needs to be built around achieving this goal.
    Very good pointer!!!


  3. stephennason said

    If I could get the folks at work to understand this, life would be so much easier.

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