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Relevent Articles for Class CINS 143 WEH

Posted by nfilippou on September 3, 2007

I found a couple articles that could be a benefit for our class. Nick




3 Responses to “Relevent Articles for Class CINS 143 WEH”

  1. tment894 said

    Great articles you found, Nick. I especially like the first one (a very informative read). I definitely will be taking what I have learned from this article and apply it to the websites I am currently designing.

  2. ashryoc1 said

    I am nervous about this class a little bit.. but i am sure its because i missed the first day of class because i was out of the country…i read that article tho!

  3. tgrimes said

    I am so overwhelmed with all of the information I have been reading. I have been using Dreamweaver to create and update our school website. It is very basic. Reading the articles on CSS makes me want to learn more about it. Unfortunately, I know nothing about HTML or XHTML. I hoping that as I learn more about the terminology being used, I will understand more about the CSS and eventually be able to re-create our school site using CSS. I really appreciate the links to the tutorials. I just can’t seem to get them all in.

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