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Posted by RoniNoone on September 4, 2007

Hi All! The blog is going strong! It’s nice to see a lot of action and we are already getting a good collection of links and examples! A few notes…

  1. When you go to post you will only be able to save not publish. I actually am the only on with rights to publish to the blog.
  2. PLEASE give more info then.. “I found this link”. I’ll let them slide this week but I won’t accept posts like that anymore. Give a litte more info about the link, why should be visit it, why is it cool? Did it help you understand something? How did you find it? Think of things like that.

All that being said I’d like to post another link. This one about blogging!

Should we be teaching people how to blog? and education. I wonder if I should be teaching you this blog stuff anyways?

OH! and what do you think of the new design?


9 Responses to “Blog Updates”

  1. tment894 said

    I feel it is important for students starting in middle school (grades 6-8) to be exposed to blogging. It is a fun way to communicate/interact with others their own age about a variety of school-related topics and to think creatively using web technology – and to learn from others.

    The new blog interface in my opinion is more appealing to the eye, especially with the two backgrounds at the top. I also like how the information/postings are laid out in a more organized fashion.

  2. jstewart157 said

    The new layout of the blog looks great! I think change in design is very important when it comes to the web. When I frequently visit certain websites, I like to see changes in color, layout, and animation. Changes to the design of a page (especially the home page) tends to increase my interest in the site. I can recall a site I used to visit at least 3 times a day. Since the home page of the site never changed, I decided to find the information elsewhere. Now I visit a website that changes each time I visit.

  3. wyattx21 said

    For being only a few paragraphs long I thought that was a good article. My favorite part was when he said … “what better way to keep a journal in 2007 than via a blog that other students can share?”

    Thats exactly what I enjoy about blogs. Anyone interested can read what you have to say and you get to read what your peers are thinking.

    The new design looks great. Reminds me of an abstract painting!

    – Wyatt

  4. Ellen said

    Blogging . . . first we went from postage stamps and paper mail to email . . . now we’ve gone from talking face-to-face to faceless bloggers. We have gone from one extreme to another.

    Telecommunications is the future and we are responsible to the generation behind us to make sure they are prepared. Yes, blogging ethics / standards should be drilled into every student’s head beginning with the first computer class they take. But, we should also make sure the young’uns are taught how to write / post in paper version. Gain an art, lose an art.


    P.S. This ‘css skin’ is much easier for a blog baby to adjust to. Thanks.

  5. glijoi said

    The bloggers I love are those who surprise me. It is the same for my favorite authors, artists, musicians, playwrights … the list goes on. I think this makes me a difficult “audience”, a tough crowd, but I still do try to be polite.

  6. ashryoc1 said

    The new design i think is a lot more understandable.. Blogging in cool.. i like it..i still dont fully understand everything but i am trying hard and i am trying my best.
    It might be good to teach people how to blog.. is a good communication skill i could say.

  7. The new design is pretty cool. The dark coloring immediately won me over. ^-^ And it would be a good thing to teach students how to blog. I think it’s pretty much an assumption that anyone with a computer who uses the internet has a blog -a rather incorrect one, but it’s still one that us non-blog-users are subjected to. Being taught about the ins and outs of blogging would probably make things a little easier.

  8. tgrimes said

    Blogging is very new to me and I haven’t quite figured out the navigation. In response to “teaching people how to blog? and education.”, I work in the BCPS System and blogs are blocked. Our teachers have inquired about blogs with the idea of opening their classroom and student collaboration to other students locally and/or abroad. I think the blogs would provide a unique learning experience for our students, not only would they have their own community and cultural views but access to various cultures would provide the experience of another point of view in a discussion of a book review, or political points or even food.

  9. ghostdog143 said

    blogging has changed the face of the internet as we know it, some bloggers even top traditional media. That being said some are just plain old brash and obnoxious! as far as using blogs as teaching tools, i guess you can, but blogs were originally used as forms of self expression, the best ones still follow that direction, a web log plain and simple.

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