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Posted by coiledheart on September 6, 2007


This site is very helpful to those (like me) who’ve never used HTML before. I ran accross it a couple of days ago when I was looking for a site that would help me design a new profile for my Gaia account. I failed miserably, but the experiance was interesting. The coding I sought help for from this site is the coding I actually managed to do correctly. (Wonders will never cease. ^.^) Not professional level-tutorials, but that may be part of their appeal.

((BTW -I’ve posted this before, but I think I screwed the whole thing up. *nervous laughter* I’ve never used a blog before, so it may take me awhile….I apologize if you run accross the original.))


4 Responses to “HTML Help”

  1. elandon said

    I def. love the site 😀 i will def. start to use the site. This is my first time replying, so i hope that this works!!!


  2. tgrimes said

    Thanks for the link. I also have never used HTML before and it is like a foreign language. I hope to be learning a lot, quickly, from this site.

  3. nfilippou said

    Thanks for the quick reference on HTML. Even for people who have used HTML before, this is a good reference link to brush up on the subject. I have also added it to my favorites.


  4. jpalughi said

    i really like the website. the only feature that w3 has that i wish this page used is the ability to edit text & then test it. i still like this site more, but an ediot would make it 10x better

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