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Web Journeys pt 1 : Stay a while… Stay Forever…

Posted by cidbadguy on September 7, 2007

Greetings all! I make my long awaited (…er… maybe not, but in any case) debut to the blog.

And I know I’ve found something that any of you with a little bit of free time on your hands will have fun exploring.

You see, there is a rare breed of website I’ve come to really enjoy. They take you on a journey to strange new worlds through the eyes of your little web browser window. Some have you clicking through ancient doorways and tunnels, while others have you sorting your way through strange messages and cryptic imagery.

Through these websites, we leave our simple, normal world and enter something much more. Through fantastic and twisted visions, the natural becomes supernatural, and nothing is as it seems.

I have discovered many of these in my ‘expeditions’, and would like to share some of them with you all.

The first of these, is “The Hospital”. I’ve always found photography of abandoned buildings to be quite haunting, but this site takes it to the next level. Using a flash interface, we enter into the unknown. Using photography of an abandoned hospital, photo editing programs, and flash, the site has pieced together all into an unsettling world to explore, where surprises lurk around every corner.

With a map to help you find your way, each room holds new wonders, be they devices or even cryptic puzzles, and disturbing memories left behind.

I hope you enjoy your travels as much as I have.

Happy trails!

The Hospital

3 Responses to “Web Journeys pt 1 : Stay a while… Stay Forever…”

  1. vjnoone said

    This is visually STUNNING! Awesome find!

  2. I think I saw you playing this in class. It’s really neat. ^.^ Bit creepy though…

  3. wyattx21 said

    I definitely thought this was a really cool site. I like what they did with the colors

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