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Good Hosting

Posted by kcoll26 on September 11, 2007

I was actually at work on Friday and I had to do some research for a company on how to have him host his own website and I came across a pretty good site that gave some good information. http://www.boutell.com/newfaq/creating/index.html. Since we were talking about hosting sites the other day in class I thought it may be interesting to share. Not only does this site explain how to go about hosting your own site, register your domain, etc, it also has information on Page design, graphics, audio, and other interesting topics.

2 Responses to “Good Hosting”

  1. tment894 said

    I really found this website to contain a lot of useful web design information. I will definitely bookmark it for future reference. Thanks, Kristie, for finding this website!

  2. Blog Baby said

    I agree, this is a site I’ll bookmark. I was given access to a blog but I couldn’t figure out what to do. Thanks.

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