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Blog Going Strong, guidelines and graphics!

Posted by RoniNoone on September 11, 2007

I am so impressed by the quality of Blog posts and information we are gather on the WEBT blog!

However, I do have to remind everyone of a few rules…

  • I have to approve all posts, that is why you don’t see the your posts immediately after submitting them
  • Posts need TITLES! and descriptive ones, not just…. “a link” or “my post”
  • The post needs CONTENT not just… “I found this” or “cool site” Make us want to click on the link, tell us a story, summarize what the article or tutorial says. Just look at the examples from your classmates, there are some well written insightful posts already!
  • CATEGORIZE! I need to the class you are in and at least one other category selected.

Unfortunately, I am not approving any more posts that do know follow these basic guidelines. By this point in the semester everyone should understand the blog concept. So if you have a post that hasn’t been approved you may want to edit it.

Enough rule talk!

Maybe you are more of an artist then a writer? If so I want to extend an invitation to any students that want to redesign the graphic in the header of the blog. If so I would count it towards your blog participation grade. The images you submit must be exactly 760 x 151 pixels . Email me a web ready version if you are up to the design challenge.

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