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Best 404 Pages

Posted by mlippy on September 13, 2007

You know when you go to view a website and sometimes a 404 error would pop up and say the page you are viewing is not in service. well i found this site.http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/08/17/404-error-pages-reloaded/?

And i found some funny ways to stating that the page is not in service. My favorite is the Microsoft “Blue Screen of Death” one.

5 Responses to “Best 404 Pages”

  1. vjnoone said

    Those are great! Nice find!

  2. nfilippou said

    They are all funny….I liked the Little Grasshopper screen with its wise words of being lost now but hope is out there that you will find the link you want!!!

  3. tment894 said

    I thought these were neat and innovative approaches to using the 404 Error page. Having creative error pages in my opinion will less likely cause people to get irritated about coming to an error page because they at least have something to look at instead of the boring default error page. Nice find! I enjoyed viewing them all!

  4. *lol*
    Those were great!
    I personally liked the one with the visual representation of what went wrong. “You visited our site. You broke something.”
    So perfect.

  5. kotn said

    hah.. I like the book, page 403 is there, where’s 404? đŸ˜‰

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