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Anybody seen the new NFL site?

Posted by Stephen Nason on September 24, 2007

I’m not a huge football fan, but I thought this might spark someone’s interest.

I noticed a TV commercial for their site redesign, so I went and checked it out. At first I was really impressed, I think it looks much better than what they had. The first thing I noticed was that they added white space. I guess I was getting a little hopeful, because then I looked at their code. It’s a bunch of garbage. Then, as though my opinion wasn’t enough, I decided to validate their homepage–that was even more depressing.

2 Responses to “Anybody seen the new NFL site?”

  1. vjnoone said

    There markup isn’t that bad but all the js code. I wonder why they don’t keep it external??

  2. scott143 said

    You think that is bad, try to validate http://www.newegg.com it fails with 469 Errors. You would think that a company as big as newegg could code their web page correctly. Microsoft’s web page has 12 errors on it. Even the CCBC home page has got 31 errors! I find it more difficult to find a web page that does pass the validation then to find one that does not.

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