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Benefits to Hand Coding Your Website

Posted by tment894 on October 1, 2007

The article, Benefits to Hand Coding Your Website, explains why it is important to hand-code your websites rather than using WYSIWYG editors – the power to have total control of your website(s). As a result, hand-coding will result in less code, better SEO results, better design consistency, maintenance and update ease, small file sizes, and so much more. Hand-coding it the best way to go.

4 Responses to “Benefits to Hand Coding Your Website”

  1. tgrimes said

    This article explains why I decided to take this class. I was getting better at designing the school website using Dreamweaver learning a little more with each workshop I took. Unfortunately, as I ran into little errors I really didn’t know how to fix them because I did not understand the code. I have learned a little in this class which I think is helping me understand a little of the code in my Dreamweaver pages. I hope to learn a lot more as we move on.

  2. ashryoc1 said

    I think that hand coding you kinda know more what you are doing and where you situated things… just like when i clean my room i know where i put what but if my mom cleans my room i have no idea where my PJ’s are.. thats what I think of hand coding.

  3. nfilippou said

    This article is in target at to the benefits of learning CSS and really being called a Web designer. The article points to all the benefits of why to handcode your your website. Many good points.


  4. glijoi said

    Yes, I do agree that in order to excel in the XHTML language you have to hand code without the help of an editing tool. However, I also firmly believe that if you are a beginner you should use a combination of both, taking advantage, for example, of an editing application such as DreamWeaver. That’s the path to follow if you are, like me, just starting out. Indeed, I do use DreamWeaver, consequently, I have learned and understood a lot because of it, in addition to what I have learned by attending classes. Learning XHTML is like learning a new language, and you don’t memorize it in 3 months with all those codes and rules to store in your mind… it takes time and practice. Good luck.


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