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40 Firefox Extensions for Web Designers

Posted by larryrussell on October 8, 2007

Since I am a big Firefox fan boy here is 40 Firefox Extensions for Web Designers. I am also a big fan of Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition. I use it on my keydrive and even use it at home. I haven’t done a firefox install for a long time now.


7 Responses to “40 Firefox Extensions for Web Designers”

  1. kcoll26 said

    I use Firefox at home but I never used it at work. I may have to install it at work just to take advantage of these tools. I espacially like the idea of having the Web Developer tools on a toolbar right at my disposal. Thanks!

  2. kcoll26 said

    Ok…I installed Firebug at work and I am LOVING it! As I work with the different pages I am building I keep Firebug open on my other monitor all day long to edit and monitor my CSS and HTML on my pages.

  3. glijoi said

    I installed Firefox on my computer, and I like it better than the Internet Explorer. Indeed, it contains so many tools at your fingertips which are crucial to a web designer. Also, I noticed that websites on Firefox look better than on the Internet Explorer, and the way it displays the HTML language is awesome and professional.

  4. larryrussell said

    I agree, but I just have to remember to look at my sites in IE too.

  5. glijoi said

    Well, I fix that little problem by looking with one eye at Firefox, and with the other one at IE. LOL

  6. kcoll26 said

    That’s where dual monitors come in handy. I highly recommend them! I usually keep my code and tools like Firbug open on one screen and my Browsers open on the other.

  7. larryrussell said

    Dual monitors rock! I have them at work and loved it so much that I got them at got. I prefer dual monitors over one big one any day. My problems is I live in Firefox(Gmail, google docs, …) that checking how something looks in IE is always an after thought.

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