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Web Journeys pt 2: Its about damn time!

Posted by cidbadguy on October 16, 2007

Since its been so long, I wanted to come up with something impressive that would keep you all busy for a while. Hopefully longer than the hospital.

99 Rooms is a unique art experiment, taking murals and paintings created within an abandoned industrial structure of some sort, mixing in video, audio, and interactive elements in flash, and setting you lose. Can you get through all 99 Rooms? Some you need simply step through, but others require a bit of help from you.

KEEP YOUR SOUND ON! This is a full sensory experience! I recommend checking this out when you’ve got a little free time to devote to it, when you’re alone, or at least with people who know how to keep quiet 😉 and when you can turn down/off/dim the lights and crank the volume to a good level. Buckle up, and get ready for a ride unlike any other.


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