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CSS Frameworks Roundup (and some thoughts)

Posted by larryrussell on October 25, 2007

Here is a CSS Frameworks Roundup. Not really sure how I feel about this. I haven’t looked in to it a lot, but it seems to be a growing trend. What do you think Roni?


One Response to “CSS Frameworks Roundup (and some thoughts)”

  1. vjnoone said

    Hmmm interesting. I’m not a fan, especially for beginners. The problem with a lot of pre-canned stuff (the same for templates in a WYSWYG editors) is that too many people new to the subject never really learn the technology because they use someone else’s code.

    That being said, if you are comfortable with what you are doing and you want a starter file, there is nothing wring with that. But if you find yourself using code you don’t understand, you are in over your head and you should back up and learn the basics first.

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