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Web Journey’s 3 – Resist the Call

Posted by cidbadguy on October 30, 2007

Its a special Halloween edition! This is my favorite holiday of all time, so I needed to give you guys something special. A few years ago, a videogame called ‘Siren’ was released on the playstation 2. While scary enough by itself, it failed to really catch on, but its European release coincided with this chilling flash site!

You find yourself before a dark alter, with one urn lit. Whichever one is lit first is random, and each will take you into the life of one of four people in a remote Japaneses village. As you explore, you will uncover the hidden truths of this ancient place, and one by one, the flames burn out.

But what happens after they’re all gone?

(for best results, list your home country as the UK)

Forbidden Siren

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