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The Whole Internet on one Page!

Posted by scott143 on November 5, 2007

I came by this when i was surfing the internet…I thought it was pretty cool.

What is this? It’s a map of the entire Internet. At the moment we’re displaying the owner of each IP address (grey boxes), and which IP addresses are listed on the Spamhaus XBL blacklist (red dots), but we should be able to show other things in the future.

A map? Yes, we map all 4,294,967,296 IP addresses onto a huge image and let you zoom into it and pan around. Just like google maps, but more internetty.




2 Responses to “The Whole Internet on one Page!”

  1. kotn said

    that’s crazy

  2. nfilippou said

    WOW!!! This is really pretty amazing!!!


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