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What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like

Posted by larryrussell on November 5, 2007

What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like! Not much more to say…..


6 Responses to “What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like”

  1. johannahg said

    I downloaded the PDF and will be laminating it. Thank you so much for finding this, it was just what I was looking for.

  2. glijoi said

    My beloved scholars, I found a website that tells you all about link, image, list, table, and form-code tutorial. Enjoy it, it’s yours for free.

    Giuseppe 🙂

  3. glijoi said

    oopps, I forgot to give you the link.


    Giuseppe 😉

  4. glijoi said

    There is only one word to describe “What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like:” …. WOW . I looked at it and it’s really beautiful. However, I believe that what counts is the final product, namely, the structure of the web site. That is what matters, not what lies beneath of it. This is just my opinion.

    Giuseppe 🙂

  5. nfilippou said

    I agree with author of “What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like” in saying that a good web design is a “craft”. Knowing your HTML and CSS for structure and layout makes “beautiful” web pages.


  6. Stasis Proxxy said

    Does anyone know where to find free one-bit color pallet .gifs? They seem like something easy to find on the webz but I just cannot find any.

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