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coldFusion tutorial

Posted by standadeezy on December 4, 2007

While working on my project, I have found a cool website that shows how to use coldFusion applications.

Unfortunately, Adobe does not even attempt to show how it works, so the link has provided me with the best information

as well as extra knowledge of the coldFusion program.

CFML for Noobs!

Thank you.



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Posted by standadeezy on December 4, 2007

recently, i found a website that allows you to send messages to someones phone.

im not gonna lie. id had some fun playing pranks on people… this is a “fun” website.

go ahead n try it out @ abbyme.com

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How to excel in learning XHTML

Posted by glijoi on December 4, 2007

Well, the semester is almost over, and I have enjoyed this class. I learned a lot about the XHTML language, of course, I can’t say that I have mastered every aspect of it yet, but I am getting there. My advice to anyone is to spend as much time as you can practicing the language, indeed, “practice” is the key to success no matter what you do in life. When you practice constantly it’s easier for you to remember the codes and rules of any computer language. If you don’t practice it’s like reading a manual on how to drive a car without never attempting to drive it. Well, if the latter is true, you will never learn to drive no matter how many times you are going to read that manual. Good luck to you all.

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Quick and Easy Reference Guide

Posted by W S on December 3, 2007

I’m sure you all know that the end of the semester is just around the corner. Don’t forget about taking full advantage of the “Book Buy Back” week as well. Therefore, six months from now, whether or not you stick with the Web Technology program, you might happen to forget a few simple terms. Most of us will  probably google what we don’t know, but for those looking for more, I advise you to check out W3 Schools. Nothing new to report here, just a friendly reminder.


A simple link is provided above.

Whether your interested in a subject or just looking for a last minute bit of knowledge on your projects, either way its a win/win. It certainly helped me out with my project on DHTML.


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