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Top Dog Top 10 Web Standards Sites

Posted by mkriss5681 on February 7, 2008

Here is a webdesign blog and it lists a lot of good websites to see examples of good use of web standards. CSS Zen Garden was already mentioned in class but here are a few others listed from the link below.


  1. CSS Zen Garden – The most incredible designs on the web that really show what you can do with CSS whilst maintaining structured HTML.
  2. A List Apart – Articles that, although sometimes a bit hit-and-miss, are often at the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of web design further than any other site.
  3. Mezzoblue – Good discussion and solutions to web design issues more frequently that any other major web log.
  4. Simple Bits – For Dan Cederholm’s sage advice and especially his ‘Simple Quiz’ feature.
  5. CSS Vault – Like the Zen Garden, an excellent resource for seeing how it’s done and learning by example.
  6. WaSP – The first place to go for specifically web standards related news.
  7. The Daily Report – Still influential, when the Godfather of web standards has got something to say it’s usually worth listening to.
  8. Andy Budd Blogography – Articles, news, links and opinion from a man with his finger on the pulse.
  9. Whitespace – Ridiculously frequent, well-written articles about web design from Paul Scrivens.
  10. Stop Design – Good quality advice and intelligent, thought-provoking opinion.

One Response to “Top Dog Top 10 Web Standards Sites”

  1. vjnoone said

    Glad to see your found the HTML Dog blog! Great resource!

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