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50 Open Source Alternatives

Posted by CDowd on February 9, 2008

I am a big proponent of open source software. What’s open source? Well, in it’s simplest form, it’s free software. Tired of Windows? Then why not give Ubunto a try? Photoshop cost too much? Try GIMP for free. Dreamweaver is great, but NVU is F-F-F-FREE!
Here’s a great list of 50 open source alternatives to some of the most popular (and expensive) software packages out there. I hope that you find one or two that you like. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “50 Open Source Alternatives”

  1. vjnoone said

    What a GREAT find! Thanks so much for this link.

  2. C. Dowd said

    It’s my pleasure. đŸ™‚

    My personal favorites are Open Office, Firefox and Thunderbird. There are a few on the list that I haven’t tried but do look tempting.

  3. jrosero said

    I just started using pidgin and open office the other day and so far I like them better than what I was using before. My friend did some work on my computer and put those on there for me. I didnt know there were this many open source alternatives.

  4. C. Dowd said

    Hey jrosero. Yeah the open source movement is pretty vast. I am still using the old version of Pidgin (GAIM). I am still debating whether or not to upgrade.

  5. killerkulture said

    From a QA perspective, I’m a fan of http://www.opensourcetesting.org/. I’m always looking for good open source applications since my employer doesn’t like to spend money. I’ve recently installed Mantis [www.mantisbt.org/] (bugtracker) and TestLink [http://www.testlink.org] (test case management). Though I did find that installing open source web applications is not very easy. I started by installing MySQL, PHP, Perl, myPHPAdmin, and then tried to install Bugzilla…which I gave up on after 3 days of fumbling through many unix commands.

    Also, sourceforge.net is a good site too.

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