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Walmart to offer SEO services……huh?

Posted by killerkulture on February 16, 2008


C’mon, honestly…who’s going to Walmart/Sams Club for Web Design and SEO/SEM services? “Hey honey, I’m running over to Sam’s Club to pick up 500 rolls of toilet paper, a gross of beef jerky, and one of them search engine optimized web site thingies…anything else you need me to pick up while I’m out?”
If Walmart’s attempt at increasing search engine rankings through viral social marketing campaigns (gone bad), then I can’t wait to see the fallout from their “professional web services”.

…though the viral part was successful…for all the wrong reasons – http://kevin.lexblog.com/2006/10/articles/public-relations/fake-blog-walmart-gets-caught-with-its-pants-down/


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