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Browser Usage

Posted by Rodney Ankeny on February 18, 2008

I had asked the question of browser market share in the last class, and really wanted to know the exact answer. I found this page on W3 Schools, Browser Statistics, and the results floored me. These are for W3 Schools sites only, but the market share for Firefox was over 37%. This, of course, reflects a usage for a computer savvy audience. IE accounted for only 55%.After looking into it further, I found that Wikipedia (“Usage share of web browsers“) shows among the general population a 16% share for Firefox, 77% for IE, and 5% for Safari (or 1 in 20 users). These 3 browsers total more than 98.5 % of users, which I feel is sufficient for the site I am working on now. Ignore any of these at your own peril.The W3 Schools data shows that all this is dependent on your market, which is one of the first questions you should be asking yourself or your client when building a site. -Rodney

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