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Free XHTML/CSS Templates For Web Design

Posted by dnorth5 on February 29, 2008

I saw this while browsing on my email. It’s kind of cool you just download the css stuff and put it to work. They show you previews and all for it. You might even be able to upload your own onto the site.


– Dorian


4 Responses to “Free XHTML/CSS Templates For Web Design”

  1. boksiora said

    Today, approximately ten years after the Internet started its exponential growth, and in spite all the technological developments, minimalist web page design still wins big over fancy, flashy, confusing design. http://www.ooyes.net

  2. lbrow255 said

    I agree with boksiora. Let’s compare the web to a car dealership. When I drive pass Lexus of Towson I see a conservative architecture with sleek, cool colors as interior. Now, if I drive pass a used car dealership, there signs are in alerted colors such as red and yellow, maybe a big fox or clown statue and such lol.

    Now let’s go back to page design. If I open a page that is simple, well organized layout, hues that compliment each other, and nothing is hurting my eyes than I am captured because I feel oh here is a “professional” site but if I go to a page that bad rastered images and things jumping out the screen and making annoying noises than I think ‘Oh this site is just trying to sell a bunch of crap”. Honestly.

    I think the flashy designs are great for personal pages as myspace because people that share your interests can see moving photos and glitzy text, cute avators etc.

  3. killerkulture said

    On the topic of free css templates, I also found:

  4. miisronhm said

    These free templates are interesting and inspiring. At least we can get some added twists and understanding with our learnings.

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