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Google Humor

Posted by RoniNoone on February 29, 2008

I’m STILL sick. It sucks.

To help cheer me up I go to the internet for some geek humor and I’m using my latest find to tell you an importunates message about class.

So please read this and then click on the link below for a chuckle…

IMPORTANT NOTE about the IMPORTANT NOTE (2/29): I realized after the fact that it is unfair for me to expect students to come on an off day to take the test. Because of this I will be placing test 1 in the testing center at all three campuses. You will have 1 week (3/3 to 3/10) to take the test at your convenience. I’m so sorry for the confusion and trouble. As of today, Friday I am still not 100% and had to take another sick day. I hope you understand. I will still be in class on Monday to give the lecture we missed this passed week. I will also be grading and providing feedback for the bio labs.

To make an appointment at the testing centers please visit the testing centers website.

Ok, ready for the chuckle?

What if Google had to design their user interface for Google?

See you guys Monday. Post any questions in the comments.


One Response to “Google Humor”

  1. C. Dowd said

    Haha I must Get Google Goomarks asap! Hope you are feeling better.

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