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A Step-by-step demo using CSS

Posted by akeatin1 on March 7, 2008

As I was looking through the list examples on the Max Design Website I came across this nice, visually friendly step-by-step tutorial on building a page template using CSS here.

Its gratifying for someone who is still learning to reinforce what we practice in class and see our results each time we change something in CSS.


3 Responses to “A Step-by-step demo using CSS”

  1. nemrt19 said

    I tought this was a great post. It was interesting to see step by step on how the website changed. I feel like it made it easier to grab a hold of what we are learning in class.

    Great post two thumbs up!

  2. lbrow255 said

    THIS IS GREAT! I’m going to add it to my favorites.

  3. miisronhm said

    Thanks for the link. I can’t wait til I start turning links down because I already know the stuff.

    Never hurts to put some of these links up for later viewing or to get ya out of trouble huh?

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