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The importance of the TITLE tag

Posted by killerkulture on April 4, 2008

Here’s a goodf article on the importance of your title tag. I’m interested in hearing about other peoples current title tag process and strategy.



2 Responses to “The importance of the TITLE tag”

  1. miisronhm said

    search engines use the title tag behind the scenes as one of the leading signals for determining what a page is about. This is a direct quote from the article. So when you google something does this title tag work hand in hand with that?


  2. jrosero said

    I didn’t give it too much thought other than using titles specific to what the page was about. Sometimes when making a new page using a base template I forget to change the title and don’t notice until I’m previewing it in the browser.

    I do however like how blogs are set up to make the title match the title of the topic.

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