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12 Steps To Professional Web Design

Posted by CDowd on May 12, 2008

Found this article and thought I’d share. I agree with pretty much all of this. Definitely worth a read. Here it is.



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Impressive Flash Sites

Posted by jrosero on May 12, 2008

I found these pages from a site I included in my final project. They list some flash sites which are creative and are designed real well. As soon as the semester is over I think I might look at making something as interactive as one of these sites for fun.



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Blog to get better search engine rankings

Posted by killerkulture on May 12, 2008

I’ll start with the summary…

1. Structure your web pages so that the search engines can index your content and provide enough content so they can understand what your site is about. Don’t embed your content in images or flash.

2. Routinely provide fresh engaging content that users will want to read, find interesting, and feel compelled to share with their peers.

Monitoring and Leveraging Communities

Every industry has an online community of some size. Some industries — such as travel in particular — have literally thousands of forums and blogs talking about deals and experiences. Savvy marketers can leverage these platforms by becoming an active participant — without being “spammy” or invasive — and gain traction within rankings as a direct result of this community participation strategy. Additionally, there’s lots of user generated content about products and services in these communities, providing both invaluable feedback for refinement of current offerings and services, as well as an excellent base for R&D efforts.

Keep Content Fresh by Updating it Regularly

For some organizations, content is hard to update on a regular basis. For example, a company that sells one type of widget that never becomes obsolete may seemingly have no reason to update its content. However, the majority of sites on the Internet could benefit from occasionally “sprucing up the place.” Bottom line: if the content seems like it’s “getting stale” from your human perspective, imagine what a search engine that crawls it every month may feel.



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Homer Simpson Drawn with CSS

Posted by dnorth5 on May 12, 2008

“Homer Simpson, rendered using nothing but CSS. Very very cool.”

Check it here:


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Tables vs CSS

Posted by jrosero on May 12, 2008

In august I made a site for myself and used tables for the layout. A few years before that I had been making layouts for fun but using divs exclusively. I want to redo my site again but this time wanted to try using divs again in order to be able to change the layout quickly when I get bored.

I hope this hasnt been posted before but I found this while trying to figure out for myself which one was best.


It covers a lot of issues and I foudn it a fun read because of how serious this person takes the debate.

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