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A Step-by-step demo using CSS

Posted by akeatin1 on March 7, 2008

As I was looking through the list examples on the Max Design Website I came across this nice, visually friendly step-by-step tutorial on building a page template using CSS here.

Its gratifying for someone who is still learning to reinforce what we practice in class and see our results each time we change something in CSS.


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Embedding Flash In A Strict Compliant Environment

Posted by CDowd on February 22, 2008

Ever use those little embed tags to post flash? Well, they’re not compliant.

I have to build a website for my MULT 109 class, and since I’m in WEBT I decided that I would try to make every page strict compliant. Then I got to my flash game page. What a nightmare!!!

Anyway, I did an exhaustive Google search for an answer, and I found these articles:

The third article is the one I finally went with. It was a bit of a bear, since it involves javascript, and CSS for layout, rather than just a simple cut and paste embed script, but wow it works!

Here’s my Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict webpage for proof. There are a  couple of CSS issues I’m still working on, but the page is valid, AND the flash works in both Firefox and IE. I think that’s worth a little extra credit. 😉

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Web Journeys Pt 4: ?

Posted by cidbadguy on February 16, 2008

This was certainly one of the stranger stops on my journeys. Truth? Madness? Life and Death? What does it mean?

Prepare yourselves.


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Top Dog Top 10 Web Standards Sites

Posted by mkriss5681 on February 7, 2008

Here is a webdesign blog and it lists a lot of good websites to see examples of good use of web standards. CSS Zen Garden was already mentioned in class but here are a few others listed from the link below.


  1. CSS Zen Garden – The most incredible designs on the web that really show what you can do with CSS whilst maintaining structured HTML.
  2. A List Apart – Articles that, although sometimes a bit hit-and-miss, are often at the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of web design further than any other site.
  3. Mezzoblue – Good discussion and solutions to web design issues more frequently that any other major web log.
  4. Simple Bits – For Dan Cederholm’s sage advice and especially his ‘Simple Quiz’ feature.
  5. CSS Vault – Like the Zen Garden, an excellent resource for seeing how it’s done and learning by example.
  6. WaSP – The first place to go for specifically web standards related news.
  7. The Daily Report – Still influential, when the Godfather of web standards has got something to say it’s usually worth listening to.
  8. Andy Budd Blogography – Articles, news, links and opinion from a man with his finger on the pulse.
  9. Whitespace – Ridiculously frequent, well-written articles about web design from Paul Scrivens.
  10. Stop Design – Good quality advice and intelligent, thought-provoking opinion.

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Quick and Easy Reference Guide

Posted by W S on December 3, 2007

I’m sure you all know that the end of the semester is just around the corner. Don’t forget about taking full advantage of the “Book Buy Back” week as well. Therefore, six months from now, whether or not you stick with the Web Technology program, you might happen to forget a few simple terms. Most of us will  probably google what we don’t know, but for those looking for more, I advise you to check out W3 Schools. Nothing new to report here, just a friendly reminder.


A simple link is provided above.

Whether your interested in a subject or just looking for a last minute bit of knowledge on your projects, either way its a win/win. It certainly helped me out with my project on DHTML.


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CSS Layout Techniques

Posted by tment894 on November 12, 2007

This CSS Layout Techniques website contains links to CSS techniques, resources and tutorials. It gives examples of how to layout webpages using CSS and provides the code to create such layouts (which are free to use). These layouts might give those in WEBT143 some ideas of how to layout their website for their final project. There are also many resources and tutorials which I found to be quite useful.


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Web Design

Posted by tment894 on November 5, 2007

In WEBT143, we will soon need to work on our final website project. Because of this, I found the website, Website Design Basics, that I thought would be helpful. It contains tips on how to create an effective website, from planning your website to typography, to layout, to some best practices. I found very useful information that I can use when creating my final project. Check it out!

I also found a website article, Turn Your Bad Web Design Techniques Into Good Web Design, that shows poorly designed websites and discusses how to not make these mistakes, and in turn create an effective website. Check this out, too!


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Web Journey’s 3 – Resist the Call

Posted by cidbadguy on October 30, 2007

Its a special Halloween edition! This is my favorite holiday of all time, so I needed to give you guys something special. A few years ago, a videogame called ‘Siren’ was released on the playstation 2. While scary enough by itself, it failed to really catch on, but its European release coincided with this chilling flash site!

You find yourself before a dark alter, with one urn lit. Whichever one is lit first is random, and each will take you into the life of one of four people in a remote Japaneses village. As you explore, you will uncover the hidden truths of this ancient place, and one by one, the flames burn out.

But what happens after they’re all gone?

(for best results, list your home country as the UK)

Forbidden Siren

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Current websites with outdated coding

Posted by kotn on October 29, 2007

I found this one today, could use some updating.


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Posted by tment894 on October 25, 2007

The Beginner’s Guide to XHTML Forms and HTML XHTML Form Code Tutorial both discuss and visually demonstrate the most essential components that are needed to create a form. I thought these would help supplement what was contained in the Form PPT presentation.


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