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Impressive Flash Sites

Posted by jrosero on May 12, 2008

I found these pages from a site I included in my final project. They list some flash sites which are creative and are designed real well. As soon as the semester is over I think I might look at making something as interactive as one of these sites for fun.




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Google Humor

Posted by RoniNoone on February 29, 2008

I’m STILL sick. It sucks.

To help cheer me up I go to the internet for some geek humor and I’m using my latest find to tell you an importunates message about class.

So please read this and then click on the link below for a chuckle…

IMPORTANT NOTE about the IMPORTANT NOTE (2/29): I realized after the fact that it is unfair for me to expect students to come on an off day to take the test. Because of this I will be placing test 1 in the testing center at all three campuses. You will have 1 week (3/3 to 3/10) to take the test at your convenience. I’m so sorry for the confusion and trouble. As of today, Friday I am still not 100% and had to take another sick day. I hope you understand. I will still be in class on Monday to give the lecture we missed this passed week. I will also be grading and providing feedback for the bio labs.

To make an appointment at the testing centers please visit the testing centers website.

Ok, ready for the chuckle?

What if Google had to design their user interface for Google?

See you guys Monday. Post any questions in the comments.


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Web Journeys Pt 4: ?

Posted by cidbadguy on February 16, 2008

This was certainly one of the stranger stops on my journeys. Truth? Madness? Life and Death? What does it mean?

Prepare yourselves.


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Is your website Handheld friendly?

Posted by jrosero on February 11, 2008

Both the PSP and the DS have the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-fi.

Nintendo DS Browser – Here is the official browser for the DS. It is a version of the Opera browser which has a bunch of features to make surfing on a handheld as painless as possible. It supports Javascript but not flash and it has limited space of course. This won’t substitute a laptop or course but it might be useful to have.

DShobro– This one hasnt been updated recently from the look of this blog, but I will have a look around to see if there has been any other recent versions. I tried this one and it managed to load pictures and text but it did not have all the features of the official browser.

OKIWI– I havent tried this one out but it seems to be more popular as an alternative to the official Opera based browser for the DS. Work on this project seems to have slowed down unfortunately

In order to use the last two which are free, you need to have a flash cart for your DS. This is basically an empty game cartridge which can use micro/mini/or regular SD cards depending on what you buy. These are used by people who want to develop games or applications for the DS but mainly they are bought for pirating the actual games.

As for the PSP, It has a built in browser which runs a bit faster than the DS. There are a ton of “portals” built in flash which can be saved on your memory card in order to quickly access web pages.

Babblr is currently my favorite. It just looks more professional than most of the other ones Ive seen. Video

I just thought it was interesting how some pages have streamlined versions for mobile devices while others don’t.


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50 Open Source Alternatives

Posted by CDowd on February 9, 2008

I am a big proponent of open source software. What’s open source? Well, in it’s simplest form, it’s free software. Tired of Windows? Then why not give Ubunto a try? Photoshop cost too much? Try GIMP for free. Dreamweaver is great, but NVU is F-F-F-FREE!
Here’s a great list of 50 open source alternatives to some of the most popular (and expensive) software packages out there. I hope that you find one or two that you like. Enjoy!

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30 Firefox Add-ons For Web Developers

Posted by CDowd on February 9, 2008

If you’re in this class, you’ll probably want to try out at least a few of these awesome Firefox add-ons for web developers. Personally, I use screengrab, colorzilla, and measure-it on the daily. These are only the tip of the iceburg. If you know any other great ones, why not post a link in the comments. We’re all supposed to comment or post twice a week anyway. 😉


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Everything I Know I Learned From This Site…

Posted by CDowd on February 4, 2008


If your site ever ends up on this guys daily sucker list, then you have failed us all.

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Posted by standadeezy on December 4, 2007

recently, i found a website that allows you to send messages to someones phone.

im not gonna lie. id had some fun playing pranks on people… this is a “fun” website.

go ahead n try it out @ abbyme.com

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The Whole Internet on one Page!

Posted by scott143 on November 5, 2007

I came by this when i was surfing the internet…I thought it was pretty cool.

What is this? It’s a map of the entire Internet. At the moment we’re displaying the owner of each IP address (grey boxes), and which IP addresses are listed on the Spamhaus XBL blacklist (red dots), but we should be able to show other things in the future.

A map? Yes, we map all 4,294,967,296 IP addresses onto a huge image and let you zoom into it and pan around. Just like google maps, but more internetty.



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Web Journey’s 3 – Resist the Call

Posted by cidbadguy on October 30, 2007

Its a special Halloween edition! This is my favorite holiday of all time, so I needed to give you guys something special. A few years ago, a videogame called ‘Siren’ was released on the playstation 2. While scary enough by itself, it failed to really catch on, but its European release coincided with this chilling flash site!

You find yourself before a dark alter, with one urn lit. Whichever one is lit first is random, and each will take you into the life of one of four people in a remote Japaneses village. As you explore, you will uncover the hidden truths of this ancient place, and one by one, the flames burn out.

But what happens after they’re all gone?

(for best results, list your home country as the UK)

Forbidden Siren

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