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says….isn’t this how hacks came about? Vnoone’s class

Posted by miisronhm on February 24, 2008

In our Dog book they mention that we still need hacks for Flash, Video etc. Basically they tell us we can serve up different code to different browsers if we have the server-side scripting skills. What does the web designer do besides keep hacking?


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Usability Question – When is it acceptable to force your site users to install/upgrade browser plug-ins?

Posted by killerkulture on February 11, 2008

Question for the group…

Where I work, the website designer is using new flash content that requires our site visitors to upgrade their flash player browser plug-in to the newest version. This new content is not backwards compatible. So the question I have for the group is, at what point do you think it’s acceptable to force your users to upgrade their browsers to the latest application version/technology?
In my opinion, using a tracking/metric program like Omniture should be deciding this based on which flash player version is used by the majority of our site visitors.

Your thoughts?

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