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Form Design with CSS

Posted by killerkulture on March 3, 2008

In the same vein as Zen Garden, I found the following site that showcase different styles applied to forms: Form Garden .

Other notable CSS form sites:


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Embedding Flash In A Strict Compliant Environment

Posted by CDowd on February 22, 2008

Ever use those little embed tags to post flash? Well, they’re not compliant.

I have to build a website for my MULT 109 class, and since I’m in WEBT I decided that I would try to make every page strict compliant. Then I got to my flash game page. What a nightmare!!!

Anyway, I did an exhaustive Google search for an answer, and I found these articles:

The third article is the one I finally went with. It was a bit of a bear, since it involves javascript, and CSS for layout, rather than just a simple cut and paste embed script, but wow it works!

Here’s my Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict webpage for proof. There are a  couple of CSS issues I’m still working on, but the page is valid, AND the flash works in both Firefox and IE. I think that’s worth a little extra credit. 😉

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Excellent Site/Blog on CSS and Cross-Browser Issues

Posted by Rodney Ankeny on February 18, 2008

http://www.designvitality.com/blog/2007/10/designing-for-every-browser-how-to-make-your-site-fully-cross-browser-compatible/This site has some excellent articles and instruction and discussions on the best way to make your CSS cross-browser compatible.The link above takes you to a particular post. The author lists over 10 very well written articles that you should definitely check out.The site itself, DesignVitality.com, is worth looking over for all things Web (and Graphics).Enjoy.-Rodney

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Posted by lbrow255 on February 4, 2008



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coldFusion tutorial

Posted by standadeezy on December 4, 2007

While working on my project, I have found a cool website that shows how to use coldFusion applications.

Unfortunately, Adobe does not even attempt to show how it works, so the link has provided me with the best information

as well as extra knowledge of the coldFusion program.

CFML for Noobs!

Thank you.


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Quick and Easy Reference Guide

Posted by W S on December 3, 2007

I’m sure you all know that the end of the semester is just around the corner. Don’t forget about taking full advantage of the “Book Buy Back” week as well. Therefore, six months from now, whether or not you stick with the Web Technology program, you might happen to forget a few simple terms. Most of us will  probably google what we don’t know, but for those looking for more, I advise you to check out W3 Schools. Nothing new to report here, just a friendly reminder.


A simple link is provided above.

Whether your interested in a subject or just looking for a last minute bit of knowledge on your projects, either way its a win/win. It certainly helped me out with my project on DHTML.


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Search Boxes

Posted by tgrimes on November 29, 2007

I found this while surfing.  I am not ready for something like this but maybe some one else may find it useful.


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What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like

Posted by larryrussell on November 5, 2007

What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like! Not much more to say…..


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Web Design

Posted by tment894 on November 5, 2007

In WEBT143, we will soon need to work on our final website project. Because of this, I found the website, Website Design Basics, that I thought would be helpful. It contains tips on how to create an effective website, from planning your website to typography, to layout, to some best practices. I found very useful information that I can use when creating my final project. Check it out!

I also found a website article, Turn Your Bad Web Design Techniques Into Good Web Design, that shows poorly designed websites and discusses how to not make these mistakes, and in turn create an effective website. Check this out, too!


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Understanding z-index

Posted by larryrussell on October 30, 2007

Understanding z-index is an interesting site that lets you play with z-index. Really pretty cool.


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