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User Interface Guidelines

Posted by mashkenes on March 31, 2008

This article caught my eye. You can take what you want from the author’s views on Apple vs. Microsoft, but it was their UI guidelines – the article includes links to both of them – that I found most interesting. Whether you’re developing static web pages, full-blown fully-featured web applications or something in between, these sets of guidelines provide some worthwhile considerations and guidance.Mike A.


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Excellent Site/Blog on CSS and Cross-Browser Issues

Posted by Rodney Ankeny on February 18, 2008

http://www.designvitality.com/blog/2007/10/designing-for-every-browser-how-to-make-your-site-fully-cross-browser-compatible/This site has some excellent articles and instruction and discussions on the best way to make your CSS cross-browser compatible.The link above takes you to a particular post. The author lists over 10 very well written articles that you should definitely check out.The site itself, DesignVitality.com, is worth looking over for all things Web (and Graphics).Enjoy.-Rodney

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Usability Question – When is it acceptable to force your site users to install/upgrade browser plug-ins?

Posted by killerkulture on February 11, 2008

Question for the group…

Where I work, the website designer is using new flash content that requires our site visitors to upgrade their flash player browser plug-in to the newest version. This new content is not backwards compatible. So the question I have for the group is, at what point do you think it’s acceptable to force your users to upgrade their browsers to the latest application version/technology?
In my opinion, using a tracking/metric program like Omniture should be deciding this based on which flash player version is used by the majority of our site visitors.

Your thoughts?

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