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Web Developer’s Field Guide

Posted by CDowd on April 14, 2008

This is an amazing list of pretty much everything you ever wanted to know aboot web dev, all in one convenient location. The Web Developer’s Field Guide.


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A quick reference when building a site with CSS

Posted by akeatin1 on March 31, 2008

I think this website was referenced or linked in a previous top 10 list earlier this semester, but I’m going to reference it again. I found my way to this CSS Crib Sheet by Dave Shea, and I think he was talking to me when he said, “You will no doubt come across many quirky layout issues when building a site with CSS. You’ll end up banging your head against a wall time and again.”

There is a lot of good information, links, and tips here, that I’ll definitely keep in mind as I continue to code HTML with CSS.

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The Robots Exclusion Protocol

Posted by jrosero on February 24, 2008

This site has a ton of information on bots and all kinds of things that might be scanning your site.


http://www.botsvsbrowsers.com/I know that there are options to prevent posts by unregistered members if you are the owner of a blog, but a lot of times you still get flooded with spam posts. Hopefully these sites can help those of you with your own sites who might be experiencing these annoyances.

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University of Wisconsin Platteville’s Web Development Office

Posted by mashkenes on February 11, 2008

I went to the University of Wisconsin – Platteville’s Web Development Office site to get a copy of the PowerPoint material used in the Daniel Frommelt video. While there, I came across a variety of tutorials, presentation materials, links and other useful web standards and web development information. Some of what’s there is very familar as it is information already discussed or referenced on the class blog. Some items, though, were new to me and I think others may also find them useful.

One of the particulalry interesting pieces was the UWP Web Templates page. In an effort to promote a somewhat standard look and feel across UWP department web pages, the Web Development Office provides an assortment of templates that developers can choose from. In some ways this is analagous to CSS ZenGarden in that the same content can be presented though a variety of skins. Unlike CSS ZenGarden, some of the XHTML in the UWP template code is meant to be altered. If I have a proper sense of what the template code does, its javascript calls in the appropriate stylesheets.

Mike A.

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50 Open Source Alternatives

Posted by CDowd on February 9, 2008

I am a big proponent of open source software. What’s open source? Well, in it’s simplest form, it’s free software. Tired of Windows? Then why not give Ubunto a try? Photoshop cost too much? Try GIMP for free. Dreamweaver is great, but NVU is F-F-F-FREE!
Here’s a great list of 50 open source alternatives to some of the most popular (and expensive) software packages out there. I hope that you find one or two that you like. Enjoy!

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30 Firefox Add-ons For Web Developers

Posted by CDowd on February 9, 2008

If you’re in this class, you’ll probably want to try out at least a few of these awesome Firefox add-ons for web developers. Personally, I use screengrab, colorzilla, and measure-it on the daily. These are only the tip of the iceburg. If you know any other great ones, why not post a link in the comments. We’re all supposed to comment or post twice a week anyway. 😉


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Blist – makes database driven websites soooo easy

Posted by killerkulture on February 7, 2008

“Blist is the world’s easiest database, it’s a database for the rest of us. blist is easy, visual, and intuitive. A video demonstration of blist from DEMO 2008 is here.” Their website is:  http://www.blist.com .

Looks awesome, but it also looks like Flash…and well, unless it has built in SWF object- then there goes your SEO content… and I’m sure the URLs will be chocked full of session variables which is not Search Engine friendly (plus it looks messy). 

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The Most Amazing HTML Tool I’ve ever seen!

Posted by RoniNoone on February 6, 2008

A prior student sent me this link to htmlPlayground. It’s is a great reference resource!

You HAVE to check it out…


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Posted by lbrow255 on February 4, 2008



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coldFusion tutorial

Posted by standadeezy on December 4, 2007

While working on my project, I have found a cool website that shows how to use coldFusion applications.

Unfortunately, Adobe does not even attempt to show how it works, so the link has provided me with the best information

as well as extra knowledge of the coldFusion program.

CFML for Noobs!

Thank you.


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